ACI Marina Zut


This unusual marina is a single long pontoon in the western side of the large Luka Zut bay. The marina is not open all year round.

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Pitter Yachting (Kornati)
1 . Pitter Yachting (Kornati)

Founded the charter agency in Croatia in 1987 and provides 10 bases for charter across Croatia.

Adriatic Challenge (Kornati)
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There is no better way to experience the natural wonders of the Adriatic than from the deck of one of our sailing yachts. Adriatic Challenge, your choice for yacht charter in Croatia, will take you...

Croatia Yacht Club (Sangulin)
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Our main base is located in Marina SCT that was built in the year 2014. The marina has all the necessities and services needed in order to have the perfect sailing vacation and with its strategic l...

Burin Yacht Charter (Sangulin)
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7 . ASC yachting (Kornati)

ASC Yachting is 20 year old Company which gathered together experts with more than 28 year experience in nautical tourism. We offer rent a boat, yacht repairing and maintenance, boats buying and se...

LM Yachting (Kornati)
8 . LM Yachting (Kornati)

Just an hour from Kornati arhipelago, you can start your sailing story with LM yachting. Located in marina Kornati in Biograd na moru, our guests can choose from broad range of Elan, Bavaria and Ja...

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Mirakul Yachting is the family established business based on the strategy to offer the best and a different approach to your holidays. Our fleet is situated in Marina Dalmacija, Sukosan the biggest...

Pitter Yachting (Dalmacija)
15 . Pitter Yachting (Dalmacija)

Founded the charter agency in Croatia in 1987 and provides 10 bases for charter across Croatia.

Navigo Croatia (Dalmacija)
16 . Navigo Croatia (Dalmacija)

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Burin Yacht Charter d.o.o. is a Croatian company specializing in sailing boat charter on the Adriatic sea. With our fleet of more than 60 sail boats we rank among top five charter companies of the ...

Arch International (Dalmacija)
19 . Arch International (Dalmacija)

The company ARCH INTERNATIONAL, L.t.d., Marina Dalmacija, Zadar, Croatia, offers motor yacht charter. We have various boats from sport dialy cruisers to large two-family motor yachts 16 m in lenght...

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Relax to the sounds of the waves and the wind, the smell of the most beautiful sea in the world, good service, professional and friendly staff are the most important preconditions for a pleasant st...

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Nearby Marinas and Harbours

Bizikovica Cove
1 . Bizikovica Cove

The cove is found on the northern tip of Zut island and is home to a small jetty, anchoring in the cove is unsheltered.

Luka Zut Cove
2 . Luka Zut Cove

A pretty little cove in the middle of Zut bay.

Bodovac Cove
3 . Bodovac Cove

This cove is on the north-western side of Zut island and may provide some shelter for anchorage.

Pinizalic Cove
4 . Pinizalic Cove

The small Pinizelic islet provides some natural shelter for anchoring in this cove. The jetties in the cove are in very shallow water.

Srvsata Islet
5 . Srvsata Islet

This islet provides some shelter on the southern side for yachts looking to anchor. The western cove has a private tiny jetty.

Strunac Jetty
6 . Strunac Jetty

In the far eastern side of Luka Zut a taverna provides a small jetty and a buoy for visiting yachts.

Svrsata Bay Cove
7 . Svrsata Bay Cove

Svrsata islet creates a natural harbour in the bay and the northern cove offers options for anchoring.

Sarusica Jetty
8 . Sarusica Jetty

This pretty cover overlooks Gustac islet and is home to a taverna and small jetty.

Gustac Cove
9 . Gustac Cove

A small jetty a a few buoys in the northern part of the cove over-looking Gustac islet offer limited mooring.

Statival Jetty
10 . Statival Jetty

This jetty hosted by the taverna is in the southern of the two coves in Svrsata bay afforded shelter by the Srvsata islet.

Skala Islet
11 . Skala Islet

A very pretty area of the national park, these two islets may provide safe anchorage.

Pristanisce Jetty
12 . Pristanisce Jetty

The jetty in front of the taverna is in shallow water and has limited space for visiting yachts.

Lupescina Jetty
13 . Lupescina Jetty

A couple of jetties are found at the head of this narrowing cove on the north of Kornat island.

Kurba Islet
14 . Kurba Islet

This pretty little islet may provide anchorage.

Sipnate Jetty
15 . Sipnate Jetty

A small jetty provided by the taverna on the northern side of the approach. The cove benefits from natural shelter from the zornjak, smokvenjak and silo islets.

Buc Cove
16 . Buc Cove

A pretty but unsheltered cove overlooking the tiny Veli and Mali Buc islets

Proversa Cove
17 . Proversa Cove

This cove on the southern side of the Katina islet overlooks the tip of Kornat island. Within the cove there is a taverna and jetty and a few buoys for visiting guests.

Katina Cove
18 . Katina Cove

This cove to the west of the katina islet offers some shelter for yachts looking to anchor.

Lucica Harbour
19 . Lucica Harbour

The small harbour to the east of the bay and the jetty to the north are both in shallow water.

Sit Cove
20 . Sit Cove

A pretty cove on the north eastern side of Sit island.

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