Marina Frapa


Marina Frapa wears a beauty crown among the Adriatic marinas, and it is certainly one of the most beautiful marinas of the Mediterranean. It is situated in the central part of the Croatian coast, between Sibenik and Split, in the heart of Dalmatia in Rogoznica, in a lovely bay of Soline, sheltered from all directions.

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Pelsys Charter (Frapa)
1 . Pelsys Charter (Frapa)

Thank you for visiting our new pages. We hope that you will find something for your perfect sailing vacation in Croatia. Our team is here to help and guide you through the search for your perfect y...

BAN Tours Yachting (Frapa)
2 . BAN Tours Yachting (Frapa)

Ban Tours is a reliable partner and flexible tour operator and travel agency situated in centre of Zagreb, Croatia's capital, founded in 1994.Following 22 years of continuous business and financial...

More Charter (Kremik)
3 . More Charter (Kremik)

A dream, a vision, determination and love for boats and sailing. We started with that 15 years ago with two small sailing boats and we still have that vision and passion now, when we take care of 8...

Dalmatia Charter (Kremik)
4 . Dalmatia Charter (Kremik)

Dalmatia Charter is a yacht charter company with its central base located in Trogir, in the center of the Adriatic coast- the best position for sailing central Adriatic islands and towns: Split, Dr...

Mare Charter (Kremik)
5 . Mare Charter (Kremik)

MARE CHARTER d.o.o. is modern, professional and organized charter company in Croatia with a long term experience in sailing boats. The company is established in 2000, but the owners are in sailing ...

Veritas Yachting (Kremik)
6 . Veritas Yachting (Kremik)

Veritas Yachting invites you to discover the finest sailing destinations in Croatia/Dalmatia. Best equipped sailing yachts are available from Primosten/Marina Kremik.

Sunsail Yacht Charter
7 . Sunsail Yacht Charter

Sunsail have been at the forefront of sailing vacations for over forty years. Since our very first Flotilla set sail from Aegina in the Saronic Gulf in 1974, we've expanded to destinations across t...

Croatia Yacht Club (Mandalina)
8 . Croatia Yacht Club (Mandalina)

Our main base is located in Marina SCT that was built in the year 2014. The marina has all the necessities and services needed in order to have the perfect sailing vacation and with its strategic l...

Angelina Tours (Mandalina)
9 . Angelina Tours (Mandalina)

With 1244 islands along Croatian coastline of 6278 km Croatia offers various challenges and interesting jewels of the Adriatic. Croatian coast hides beautiful caves and bays, pebble and sand beache...

Ankora Nautika (Mandalina)
10 . Ankora Nautika (Mandalina)

ANKORA-NAUTIKA" d.o.o is a company which professionally and expertly deals with charting and maintainance of vessels. Company was established in 2001. with its head office in Zagreb

Odisej Yachting (Mandalina)
11 . Odisej Yachting (Mandalina)

Sailing is a fascinating and unique way to spend your holidays; and the Croatian coastline, diversified by numerous islands is a perfect starting point for cutting through the hawser and sailing on...

Ankora Charter (Mandalina)
12 . Ankora Charter (Mandalina)

ANKORA-NAUTIKA" d.o.o is a company which professionally and expertly deals with charting and maintainance of vessels. Company was established in 2001. with its head office in Zagreb

Yachting 2000 (Mandalina)
13 . Yachting 2000 (Mandalina)

Yachting 2000 means more than 16 years of experience and expertise in all areas relating to Yacht Charter, Yacht Management and Yacht Brokerage! At our headquarters in St. Gotthard im Mahlkreis you...

Mare Yachting (Mandalina)
14 . Mare Yachting (Mandalina)

The company Mare Yachting doo was founded in Croatia in 2005 and since then has been a very healthy growth. We are proud to be the largest catamaran provider of the Adriatic and to welcome many reg...

NCP & Mare (Mandalina)
15 . NCP & Mare (Mandalina)

NCP & Mare seat is located in the middle of the Adriatic coast, in the Mandalina Marina in Sibenik. With its architectural and cultural heritage, the town of Sibenik is a real gem. Situated right i...

Pitter Yachting (Mandalina)
16 . Pitter Yachting (Mandalina)

Founded the charter agency in Croatia in 1987 and provides 10 bases for charter across Croatia.

Wimmer Yachting (Baotic)
17 . Wimmer Yachting (Baotic)

Enjoy your sailing trip on beautiful yachts or catamarans along the Croatian coast.Even with children you don't have to miss this experience. Children and parents become sea dogs and learn how to h...

Jadranka Yachting (Baotic)
18 . Jadranka Yachting (Baotic)

Jadranka Yachting is a limited liability company that belongs to the Jadranka Group, the largest tourism and trade joint stock company on the islands of Cres and Losinj comprising 10 hotels, 4 camp...

FreeWave   (Baotic)
19 . FreeWave (Baotic)

We are specialized for sailing charters in Croatia and your reliable partner for yacht holidays. From the time of booking the yacht to the check out after the sailing holiday we are supporting you...

Yacht Centar Baotic (Baotic)
20 . Yacht Centar Baotic (Baotic)

We will gladly advise you on the purchase of your yacht, financing and charter management, regardless of the brand. We take care of everything: purchase, transport, customs, putting into operation,...

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Nearby Marinas and Harbours

Marina Kremik
1 . Marina Kremik

The Kremik Marina is located in a picturesque bay surronded by hundred year old vineyards that produce the famous Babis wine. Located south of Sibenik, and set snugly into the land, this marina is ...

2 . Sicenica

A few buoys and natural shelter for anchoring in this forked bay.

Primosten harbour
3 . Primosten harbour

A small breakwater creating a harbour on the eastern side of the natural outcrop of this beautiful town.

Marina Agana
4 . Marina Agana

A pleasant marina at the end of a long natural bay providing natural shelter in addition to a man-made breakwater at the entrance. Home to several yacht rental agencies. Visiting boats are very wel...

5 . Borak

A local harbour with little space for visiting vessels. The island offers very little in the way of mooring.

Krapanj Inner Harbour
6 . Krapanj Inner Harbour

Within the southern bay of the island to the east of the town of Krapanj there is a long breakwater providing shelter for visiting yachts.

Krapanj Harbour
7 . Krapanj Harbour

A small local harbour near the ferry to the mainland offering limited shore-side mooring.

Brodarica Harbour
8 . Brodarica Harbour

This harbour is full of local boats but may offer some limited options for visiting yachts.

Spongiola Jetty
9 . Spongiola Jetty

This small hotel jetty offers limited shore-side mooring for visiting craft.

Veli Drvenik Jetty
10 . Veli Drvenik Jetty

A small jetty on the east side of the breakwater provides some sturdy shelter and is nearby two restaurants.

Drvenik Veli Harbour
11 . Drvenik Veli Harbour

A small man-made harbour with a few safe moorings.

Vranjica Harbour
12 . Vranjica Harbour

A large harbour behind the headland of Vranjica home to many small craft and the occasional yacht.

Solaris Marina
13 . Solaris Marina

This laguna marina just north of the Solaris Hotel complex is hidden away from the sea by a small channel, it can be hard to find.

Donji Harbour
14 . Donji Harbour

A small natural harbour on the western coast of Ciovo island offering little room for visiting yachts.

Zablace Harbour
15 . Zablace Harbour

This busy harbour is north of Solaris Marina and offers some shore-side mooring on the eastern side of the harbour, or behind the breakwater.

Zlarin Harbour
16 . Zlarin Harbour

This harbour in Zlarin offers some basic facilities and mooring.

Marina Mandalina
17 . Marina Mandalina

A large marina providing 300 berths, restaurant, food shop, repairs.

Marina Baotic
18 . Marina Baotic

Marina BaotiАр is located in an idyllic location, the central part of the Croatian coast, in Seget Donji. Exceptional location, professional and kind personnel, equipment according to highest sta...

Marina Trogir
19 . Marina Trogir

Marina Trogir represents an ideal starting point for expeditions to one of the most interesting cruising areas in the world the attractive Adriatic coast.Service Center Trogir (SCT) aims to positio...

Marina SCT Trogir
20 . Marina SCT Trogir

Service Center Trogir (SCT) aims to position itself as the marina of the highest category in the region offering top-quality maintenance service for all types of vessels.

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