Trogir is a beautiful ancient coastal town near Split. The heart of Trogir is on a small island between the larger Ciovo island and the mainland, while the town spills onto both the mainland and Ciovo. Connections to and through the city are heavily congested with traffic all day due to the limitations of bridge capacity. Trogir is a popular and pretty town bustling with tourists and restaurants. While here try not to get lost in the labyrinth of small streets boasting local food and wine, or head to the 15th century Kamerlengo fortress to get views over the city. Visiting yachtsmen can moor up at the marinas and take a short walk over the bridge to join the nightlife or take a more casual daily stroll.

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Waypoint Yacht Charter (Trogir)

The company gave us a broken boat and when we got back they took our deposit. We were expecting some kind of compensation for all the damages the boat had but insread took our deposit with any chance to dialog and wothout giving us any explanation.

Waypoint Yacht Charter (Trogir)

Worst time ever. We rented a boat with them for a week in Summer. When we got there, they gave us a broken boat without telling us. In the middle of the week, the platform from the back broke hurting some of us that were standing there at the time. When we called them to explain what happened they kept telling us to go to some islands that they had someone that could help us. But no one did. On the check out, they didn't want to gave us the deposit back. Never again. They were rude and liars.

Croatia Yacht Club (SCT Trogir)

The crew was great - the company NOT GREAT. No cushions on the boat, skipper and hostess sleeps in the galley so you cannot use the space, luggage everywhere. Times for arrival miscommunicated, not enough drinking glasses on the boat, most of the time you will be on a buoy, and have to pay water taxis. WiFi doesn’t work, no resolution from the company when issues are expressed, just excuses. If you like to stay in hostels, go for it, otherwise STAY AWAY!

Croatia Yacht Club (SCT Trogir)

This company is unjust, unfair, horrendous and very corrupt. Being a Swedish company, I thought it would be different. I worked for them for 4 weeks as a crew and was paid less than half of the other workers on their first season. The only difference? They were Croatian and I am American. This is discrimination and unequal wages. Additionally, I curated their content for social media for free, when asking them to remove it - they simply blocked me and kept it up! DONT SUPPORT!

Croatia Yacht Club (SCT Trogir)

Our trip was a disaster. Through a flurry of emails, our boat was overbooked at the last minute, with the crew then having to sleep in the saloon. That meant their duffles and gear were in the saloon as well. No access to early morning coffee or late night card games....they needed their sleep! Our boat was NOT one of the boats you see on the CYC website. It was subcontracted from another company and was poorly equipped. My complete review is on their facebook page.


Trogir is a delightful place to start a sailing holiday. We loved it.

Pitter Yachting (Trogir)

We used Pitter yachts and had issues with the yacht toilet and we did not get much sympathy from the agency. At the end of the trip they tried to charge us for cleaning the toilet when it was a problem from the previous rental.

Marina Trogir

This marina is improving and attracts a lot of smart yachts now.


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Ultra Sailing (Trogir)
1 . Ultra Sailing (Trogir)

Charter fleet made from Beneteau boats and extra cruiser racers. Main headoffice in Split but bases in Trogir, Dubrovnik, and Ka

Waypoint Yacht Charter (Trogir)
2 . Waypoint Yacht Charter (Trogir)

Waypoint yacht charter was established in 1994 in Rovinj and has bases in Trogir and Dubrovnik. The main goal is to provide clie

Pitter Yachting (Trogir)
3 . Pitter Yachting (Trogir)

Founded the charter agency in Croatia in 1987 and provides 10 bases for charter across Croatia.

Nautika Kufner (Trogir)
4 . Nautika Kufner (Trogir)

Nautika Kufner is a charter agency specialized in yachts and catamarans charter. Our fleet in Croatia consists of 71 boats in 4 main bases: Biograd, Split, Trogir and Krvavica; with one of our boat...

Detoni Charter (Trogir)
5 . Detoni Charter (Trogir)

DETONI Charter, founded 1990., an premier yacht charter company in Trogir, is owned and operated by the Buble family who have been sailing the Adriatic for generations. This background gives us the...

Dalmatia Charter (Trogir)
6 . Dalmatia Charter (Trogir)

Dalmatia Charter is a yacht charter company with its central base located in Trogir, in the center of the Adriatic coast- the best position for sailing central Adriatic islands and towns: Split, Dr...

Detoni Charter (Trogir)
7 . Detoni Charter (Trogir)

DETONI Charter, founded 1990., an premier yacht charter company in Trogir, is owned and operated by the Buble family who have been sailing the Adriatic for generations. This background gives us the...

Eurospectra (Trogir)
8 . Eurospectra (Trogir)

Eurospectra is a yachting company, offering yachts for a rent and providing a wide choice of yachts to suit all tastes.We are offering yachts located in the central part of Croatian coast, which is...

Cantal Marine (SCT Trogir)
9 . Cantal Marine (SCT Trogir)

Do you want to spend your well deserved holidays on a yacht? Maybe you want to buy a Linssen, but you are not sure which model would meet all requirements for you and your family? Or you simply sti...

Croatia Yacht Club (SCT Trogir)
10 . Croatia Yacht Club (SCT Trogir)

Our main base is located in Marina SCT that was built in the year 2014. The marina has all the necessities and services needed in order to have the perfect sailing vacation and with its strategic l...

Angelina Tours (SCT Trogir)
11 . Angelina Tours (SCT Trogir)

With 1244 islands along Croatian coastline of 6278 km Croatia offers various challenges and interesting jewels of the Adriatic. Croatian coast hides beautiful caves and bays, pebble and sand beache...

Navigare Yachting (Baotic)
12 . Navigare Yachting (Baotic)

Navigare Yachting stands for: A perfectly personalized, carefree charter holiday with top of the notch service, amazing locations and highly trained staff. We are the only Swedish organizer with a ...

Adriatic Charter (Baotic)
13 . Adriatic Charter (Baotic)

Over the past 15 years Adriatic Charter strived to be a highly professional and successful company which offers high standards, quality and safety in yacht charter. In order to achieve it we have b...

MirAmo Nautika (Baotic)
14 . MirAmo Nautika (Baotic)

We are a charter company orientated towards sailing enthusiasts who seek professional services and superiorly equipped and maintained sailing yachts used for various purposes ranging from relaxatio...

Nautika Kufner (Baotic)
15 . Nautika Kufner (Baotic)

Nautika Kufner is a charter agency specialized in yachts and catamarans charter. Our fleet in Croatia consists of 71 boats in 4 main bases: Biograd, Split, Trogir and Krvavica; with one of our boat...

Yacht Centar Baotic (Baotic)
16 . Yacht Centar Baotic (Baotic)

We will gladly advise you on the purchase of your yacht, financing and charter management, regardless of the brand. We take care of everything: purchase, transport, customs, putting into operation,...

FreeWave   (Baotic)
17 . FreeWave (Baotic)

We are specialized for sailing charters in Croatia and your reliable partner for yacht holidays. From the time of booking the yacht to the check out after the sailing holiday we are supporting you...

Jadranka Yachting (Baotic)
18 . Jadranka Yachting (Baotic)

Jadranka Yachting is a limited liability company that belongs to the Jadranka Group, the largest tourism and trade joint stock company on the islands of Cres and Losinj comprising 10 hotels, 4 camp...

Wimmer Yachting (Baotic)
19 . Wimmer Yachting (Baotic)

Enjoy your sailing trip on beautiful yachts or catamarans along the Croatian coast.Even with children you don't have to miss this experience. Children and parents become sea dogs and learn how to h...

Sunsail Yacht Charter
20 . Sunsail Yacht Charter

Sunsail have been at the forefront of sailing vacations for over forty years. Since our very first Flotilla set sail from Aegina in the Saronic Gulf in 1974, we've expanded to destinations across t...

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Nearby Marinas and Harbours

ACI Marina Trogir
1 . ACI Marina Trogir

The marina is open all year round and offers a fabulous view of the charming promenade of Trogir and of St. Lawrence's Cathedral bell tower. Visitors may think that time stands still in this town, ...

Trogir Palace Harbour
2 . Trogir Palace Harbour

A busy local harbour on the island side of trogir full of local craft.

Marina SCT Trogir
3 . Marina SCT Trogir

Service Center Trogir (SCT) aims to position itself as the marina of the highest category in the region offering top-quality maintenance service for all types of vessels.

Marina Trogir
4 . Marina Trogir

Marina Trogir represents an ideal starting point for expeditions to one of the most interesting cruising areas in the world the attractive Adriatic coast.Service Center Trogir (SCT) aims to positio...

Marina Baotic
5 . Marina Baotic

Marina BaotiАр is located in an idyllic location, the central part of the Croatian coast, in Seget Donji. Exceptional location, professional and kind personnel, equipment according to highest sta...

Okrug Gornji Marina
6 . Okrug Gornji Marina

A small local marina hosting local boats.

Gornji Liveli Harbour
7 . Gornji Liveli Harbour

A small harbour (the only on the southern coast of the island) in the base of a natural bay offering little shelter for visiting yachts.

Sveti Kriz Harbour
8 . Sveti Kriz Harbour

A tiny harbour behind a strong breakwater for local boats.

Arbanija Harbour
9 . Arbanija Harbour

A small harbour on the north western side of Arbanija full of small local power boats.

Donji Harbour
10 . Donji Harbour

A small natural harbour on the western coast of Ciovo island offering little room for visiting yachts.

11 . Divulje

A small harbour just south of the airport and to the East of Trogir.

Vranjica Harbour
12 . Vranjica Harbour

A large harbour behind the headland of Vranjica home to many small craft and the occasional yacht.

Slatine Harbour
13 . Slatine Harbour