Polace Quay


The long entrance to Polace would tend to provides a natural harbour but conditions in the bay can be troublesome. The southern shore around Polace offers a long quay for visiting yachts.

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Nearby Marinas and Harbours

Polace Bay
1 . Polace Bay

There are opportunities to anchor to the north of the bay away from the ferry route into Polace.

Tatinica Cove
2 . Tatinica Cove

This cove on the northern coast of Mljet island overlooks the small Kobrava island. The cove has a small quay and a few buoys.

Pomena Quay
3 . Pomena Quay

This small cove opposite the small Pomestak island receives some natural shelter, and has a quay around the bay offering basic services.

Saint Lenga Cove
4 . Saint Lenga Cove

This long winding cove quickly becomes shallow beyond the neck preventing the entry of keel boats.

Lokva Cove
5 . Lokva Cove

A large bay on the western tip of Mljet island provides good opportunity for anchoring.

Lokva Quay
6 . Lokva Quay

A tiny quay on the northern edge of the Lokva bay on the western tip of Mljet island.

Kozarica Jetty
7 . Kozarica Jetty

This tiny jetty provides some opportunities for shore-side mooring.

Lenga Bay
8 . Lenga Bay

This bay south of Zuljana provides some options for anchoring. A small jetty, accessible by dingy, extends from the northern shore.

Zuljana Jetty
9 . Zuljana Jetty

The main shore is scattered with small local fishing boats, while the jetty provides some options for visiting yachts and access to nearby fast food and a bistro. Anchoring is also possible in the ...

Trstenik Jetty
10 . Trstenik Jetty

A pretty village with a nice beach and plenty of restaurants. The jetty provides shore-side mooring.

Luka Dubrava
11 . Luka Dubrava

No harbour or fixed mooring, only anchorage in the bay.

12 . Brijesta

This small busy breakwater provides little opportunity for mooring. A local tavern is found a short walk into the village.

Sreser Harbour
13 . Sreser Harbour

A series of tiny harbours and a larger open area alongside the breakwater may offer some offer some mooring.

Sobra Quay
14 . Sobra Quay

A small quay is on the most southern corner of the bay next to a Taverna.

Podobuce Quay
15 . Podobuce Quay

A tiny quay inside this tiny cove may have limited space for visiting yachts.

Sobra Ferry Port
16 . Sobra Ferry Port

The ferry port on the eastern side of the bay has a small quay with fuel station. Many small boats are secured just south of the ferry port.

Crkvice harbour
17 . Crkvice harbour

This cove has an added break-water jetty to create a small harbour.

Przina Cove
18 . Przina Cove

This beachy cove is wider than many along the south coast of Korcula island, it is the most western cove and only a short walk overland to Lumbarda.

Lumbarda Marina
19 . Lumbarda Marina

This harbour (small marina) provides moorings with basic facilities.

Prozurska Quays
20 . Prozurska Quays

This beautiful bay offers a couple of tiny quays at the restaurants. The bay provides good shelter due to the tiny island and land formation.

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