Vela Luka Harbour


The south-eastern shore provides mooring and access to supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, and bars. Further on round to the north it quickly becomes too shallow for yachts.

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Nautika Kufner
1 . Nautika Kufner

Nautika Kufner is a charter agency specialized in yachts and catamarans charter. Our fleet in Croatia consists of 71 boats in 4 main bases: Biograd, Split, Trogir and Krvavica; with one of our boat...

Bobovisce Market
2 . Bobovisce Market

This friendly but tiny market has a small selection of most produce including home made olive oil.

Astarea Yachting
3 . Astarea Yachting

Astarea LTD is a tourist agency and yacht centre registered for the chartering, charter managament and sale of vessels. We have started our business venture in 1999. as Adria Coral Charter, and by ...

Nearby Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages

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Gradina Cove
1 . Gradina Cove

This beautiful cove provides a series of natural defences to protect the onshore local boats and the occasional anchored yacht. Some buoys may also be found.

Tri Luka Coves
2 . Tri Luka Coves

Tri luka meaning three coves is very pretty. Each cove quickly narrows. The middle one has many residences overlooking the cove, while the west and eastern coves are less built up.

Prigradica Harbour
3 . Prigradica Harbour

The large breakwater extends half-way into the bay and provides good shelter for shore-side mooring. A supermarket is towards the head of the bay.

Grscica Cove
4 . Grscica Cove

This pretty cove has a series of tiny harbours for local boats. The quay to the southern side may be too shallow for yachts, while the quay to the northern shore near the restaurant is slightly dee...

Prizba Bay
5 . Prizba Bay

The eastern side of the outcrop is home to a tiny harbour for local fishing boats, while the bay provides some opportunity for anchoring.

Brna Quay
6 . Brna Quay

The shape of the bay provides natural shelter but there is no breakwater, the quay on the northern shore provides an opportunity to go ashore but no space for visiting yachts.

Carnjeni Cove
7 . Carnjeni Cove

A pretty little cove on the southern side of Scedro island narrows to provide natural shelter.

Borova Cove
8 . Borova Cove

The middle of three coves on the southern side of Scedro island provides some protection from northerly and westerly winds.

Somokova Cove
9 . Somokova Cove

The most westerly of the three coves south of Scedro island provides the least shelter.

Lovisce Cove
10 . Lovisce Cove

A natural bay on the small island of Scedro. It has three forks. The most inland of the two each have a grill style restaurant.

Manastir Cove
11 . Manastir Cove

A narrow cove to the east of Lovisce Cove provides some shelter. The restaurant provides buoys for guests.

Rasoha Cove
12 . Rasoha Cove

A pretty cove with some residences to the north.

Babina Cove
13 . Babina Cove

The tiny jetty provides shelter for a handful of local small boats, but nothing for visiting yachts. Anchoring in the cove is only advisable during moderate winds.

Zavala Harbour
14 . Zavala Harbour

A tiny harbour with a small breakwater offers some limited shelter for shore-side mooring, with anchoring possible out-side the jetty.

Zavalatica Cove
15 . Zavalatica Cove

The jetty provides limited protection to the head of the cove, but has limited space for visiting yachts.

Ivan Dolac Beach
16 . Ivan Dolac Beach

This pretty little town has no mooring facilities but has a number of apartments and a beach that can be reached from anchoring nearby, although there is no protection or natural shelter.

Srhov Dolac
17 . Srhov Dolac

A wide cove with a couple of old houses provides little shelter from ocean swell, but may provide some shelter from west or easterly winds.

Nedjelija Harbour
18 . Nedjelija Harbour

An old harbour with a new outer breakwater provides some good shore-side mooring and a local restaurant.

Prapratna Cove
19 . Prapratna Cove

This pretty cove is tucked in behind a hilly headland east of Jelsa. Home to a few a small number of houses and apartments.

Mrcara Jetty
20 . Mrcara Jetty

This tiny jetty is found on the eastern side of Mrcara island overlooking a tiny islet.

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Nearby Towns

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Vela Luka
1 . Vela Luka
(South Dalmatia )

Vela Luka is a large village in the Island of Korcula

2 . Potirna
(South Dalmatia )

A village inset from the south western coast of Korcula island.

3 . Prigradica
(South Dalmatia )

A medium sized town on the north west coast of Korcula island in Croatia.

4 . Prizba
(South Dalmatia )

A small village, based around a small natural outcrop, on the southern coast of Korcula island.

5 . Brna
(South Dalmatia )

A town surrounded by water on three sides on the southern side of Korcula island built largely around a natural outcrop within a large bay.

6 . Babina
(South Dalmatia )

A small village at the base of a natural cove on the northern side of Korcula island.

7 . Zavala
(Hvar Island )

A small town on the island of Hvar with views of Otok Scedro.

Ivan Dolac
8 . Ivan Dolac
(Hvar Island )

A small town on the island of Hvar with views of Otok Scedro.

Sveta Nedelja
9 . Sveta Nedelja
(Hvar Island )

Sveta Nedilja, officially known as Sveta Nedjelja, is a small village on the Croatian island of Hvar. It is located near the town of Hvar and it has 131 residents. Wikipedia

10 . Jelsa
(Hvar Island )

Jelsa is a town in Croatia, on the island of Hvar, the seat of the eponymous municipality within the county of Split-Dalmatia. Wikipedia

11 . Pasadur
(Lastovo Island )

A small village nestled in and around the neck of two bays on Lastovo island.

Pupnatska Luka
12 . Pupnatska Luka
(South Dalmatia )

A tiny village set back from the coast with a winding road down to a beautiful cove on the southern side of Korcula island.

13 . Vrboska
(Hvar Island )

Vrboska is a settlement on the north coast of the island of Hvar in Dalmatia, Croatia, in the Municipality of Jelsa. Founded in the 15th century as a fishing harbour, Vrboska is best known for the ...

14 . Racisce
(South Dalmatia )

A village set around a natural bay on the northern side of Korcula island.

15 . Zaklopatica
(Lastovo Island )

A small village scattered around the pretty bay on the north of Lastovo island.

16 . Pokrivenik
(Hvar Island )

Pokrivenik is a small village on the island of Havr

17 . Ubli
(Lastovo Island )

Ubli or Uble is a small church based village on the west of Lastovo island, it is is also home to the main ferry link to Split.

18 . Lastovo
(Lastovo Island )

This town is close to the northern coast of Lastovo island.

19 . Zarace
(Hvar Island )

Zarace is a village in Croatia on the island of Hvar

Stari Grad
20 . Stari Grad
(Hvar Island )

Stari Grad is a town on the northern side of the island of Hvar in Dalmatia, Croatia. One of the oldest towns in Europe, its position at the end of a long, protected bay and next to prime agricultu...

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