Lumbarda Marina


This harbour (small marina) provides moorings with basic facilities.

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Lumbarda Marina

We moored up here originally only intending to stay one night while a strong Jugo wind system blew past but it brought rain the next day so we stayed put a second night. The marina staff are helpful and friendly, and the shower facilities very clean inside. Around the marina there are plenty places to eat, one small and a second larger market. The marina beach bar was not yet open for trade in May.


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Nautika Kufner (Ramova Harbour)
1 . Nautika Kufner (Ramova Harbour)

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Nearby Marinas and Harbours

Javic Jetty
1 . Javic Jetty

The bay is naturally protected by the Vrnik islet and has a small jetty for restaurant clientele.

Przina Cove
2 . Przina Cove

This beachy cove is wider than many along the south coast of Korcula island, it is the most western cove and only a short walk overland to Lumbarda.

Vrnik Jetty
3 . Vrnik Jetty

This busy tiny island provides some shore-side mooring to the north-west.

Badija Island Bay
4 . Badija Island Bay

This picturesque setting is very popular. The three jetties to the south of the Badija islet offer the possibility to go ashore to the monastery.

Rasohatica Cove
5 . Rasohatica Cove

This cove is slightly longer than many on the southern coast of Korcula island. Two thirds of the way up the cove narrows and then splits into two beach heads with overlooking holiday homes.

Luka Cove
6 . Luka Cove

A busy ferry channel and a jetty for refuelling can be found here, options for anchoring are limited.

Uvala Cove
7 . Uvala Cove

South of Korcula town, this cove is full of local boats, but boasts a restaurant and taverna near the narrow end. The western quay offers an opportunity to go ashore only.

ACI Marina Korcula
8 . ACI Marina Korcula

This small marina on the south of the eastern side of the cathedral provides visiting yachts with good facilities to moor and visit the town.

Korculanska Bay
9 . Korculanska Bay

The bay to the west of the cathedral provides shore-side mooring and easy access to the pretty town of Korcula.

Orebic Port
10 . Orebic Port

This busy town hosts a large harbour full of local boats on the pontoons, and offers some shore-side mooring on the inner break-water for visiting yachts.

Pavja Luka Cove
11 . Pavja Luka Cove

This pretty cove splits into two the west has a beach head and the east a tiny landing with a couple of overlooking houses.

Luka Banja Cove
12 . Luka Banja Cove

A series of small jetties for local boats. Anchoring to the east of the cove is more practical.

Vrbovica Cove
13 . Vrbovica Cove

This pretty little cove provides some natural shelter but limited space for visiting yachts.

Bratinja Luka Cove
14 . Bratinja Luka Cove

A cove that spits into two beach heads offers limited space for anchoring.

Kuciste Jetties
15 . Kuciste Jetties

This village has a series of small jetties for local boats and a large jetty for the ferry. The is limited if at all no space for visiting yachts.

Viganj Jetties
16 . Viganj Jetties

Similar to neighbouring Kucisce this village hosts a series of small jetties for local boats, but limited if no option for visiting yachts.

Podobuce Quay
17 . Podobuce Quay

A tiny quay inside this tiny cove may have limited space for visiting yachts.

Bacvica Cove
18 . Bacvica Cove

A pretty cove with a beach at the head offers some natural protection against winds, but like many coves on the southern side of the island it is exposed to the <a href=

Duba harbour
19 . Duba harbour

A small harbour with solid breakwater can be found at the coast a short walk up to Duba Peljeska village.

Mala Kneza Bay
20 . Mala Kneza Bay

This natural harbour is created by the Male Kneza islet combined with Korcula island, and may provide a good option for anchoring. The nearby town on the southern side of the bay has a series of je...

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